I have been incorporating dream therapy and dream analysis throughout my mental health career since 2008. Dream analysis was originally initially put into practice with friends and family, but rapidly grew to be incorporated into mental health. I have an extensive knowledge of various cultures and beliefs. I have taken courses on various religions of the world as well as courses on cultural diversity throughout my career as an educator and mental health therapist. I lived and worked on the Navajo reservation which immersed me into their culture. It was at this time I learned about not only about their beliefs and way of life, but also learning about the neighboring Tribes: Acoma, Hopi, Zuni, and Apache. It was from these tribes that I learned about the Star Gazers. Stories were shared that were passed down from the Star Gazers and how dreams are used as spiritual guidance and self healing. This is where my passion for dream therapy was born. I was able to see how the Native Americans utilized dreams to help the individual solve problems, enrich their lives, and meaning to the individual's life.

This experience is the foundation of how I help the dreamer interpret the dream. The Native American Tribes have many symbols and each symbol carries a specific meaning. An example of this is the Owl. In Western society the Owl represents knowledge and wisdom, however in the Navajo Tribe the Owl represents death. This is important because the symbols in the dream cannot be applied universally. This acquired knowledge led me to look carefully at Carl Jung, who is known for symbols within the dream.

I earned my Masters Degree in Mental Health in 2006. I studied Carl Jung and obtained certification in Dream Therapy through the school of Health and Sciences in London England. I continue to apply newly learned strategies and apply those methods into therapy.