My Mission for Dream Therapy

It is my goal to help individuals interpret their own dreams. I believe that dreams can help in making decisions, improve health, and living a better life.

My Vision of Dream Therapy

The vision is to record my dream analysis of others so that other people can learn and possibly understand their own dreams.



I empower dreamers through dream therapy, no matter if it is in person or email, by giving them the tools to decipher what the subconscious mind is telling the individual. This can be achieved by providing individuals with a dream analysis form to use with future dreams.


I recognize that each dream is as unique as the individual and I fully respect this. Some dreams and information may be personal, and therefore information is only shared with the dreamer.

Individual Beliefs

Dreams are analyzed by incorporating the beliefs of the dreamer. I use a variety of methods based on the individual beliefs and lifestyle. I may incorporate some Freudian methods, even though most of my analysis is Jungian based. Sometimes there may be a spiritual component added, again depending on the individual’s beliefs.